Meet Your 2021 Board Members

YNPNsfba has been undergoing some major changes in 2021. With the departure of long time board members Moua Lo and Angie Jin, we have some new leaders. Meet the board and get to know them a little bit.

Top (left to right): Lilibeth and Luigi (co-chairs)
Bottom: (left to right): Olivia (Vice Chair), Zeenna (Treasurer), Taylor (Secretary)

What is your nonprofit line of work?

Operations and Administration, Development


Programs and Finance


Development, Event Planning and Communications


Youth Development and Program Coordination


Strategic Planning and Evaluation, Consulting


What is your 2021 wish for the nonprofit sector?

2020 was a tough year for all of us. The nonprofit sector, already stretched too thin and dependent on revenue from fundraisers, needed to adapt amidst an ever changing world. Many young nonprofit professionals (like myself) were laid off or faced furlough. I hope that in this economically challenging time, we don’t lose the immense talent and unique perspective that these passionate young people bring to our Bay Area organizations. The nonprofit sector is stronger when it is diverse and we need the voice of young nonprofit professionals to continue pushing the boundaries for a better more equitable future.


My hope is that we build a sector that reflects the diversity of our communities and is more equitable and just, not only in our external work, but also in our internal practices.


I hope all nonprofit organizations will invest in their staff by paying competitive wages, making space for rest, and providing mentorship and sponsorship, specifically for employees from marginalized backgrounds.


I wish that we become a more equitable and diverse sector at all levels from volunteer to board seats and appreciate the extraordinary work nonprofits have done in times of crisis and beyond. This entails to acknowledge and value the hard work of everyone by providing nonprofits and community-based organizations with the necessary funds to offer all staff competitive wages with health insurance for the whole family, paid parental leave, retirement plans, paid winter breaks, family-friendly work schedule, and professional development opportunities, to prioritize mental health and to avoid losing the most talented and passionate people the sector needs to achieve sustainable changes. 


I wish that the nonprofit and philanthropy sector made a collective effort towards a more consistent and sustainable type of inclusivity. After the events of this past summer, I hope that more will be done for intersectional inclusivity than just seeing large nonprofits and philanthropies looking for DE&I consultants for their team retreats.


What is your favorite bay area neighborhood/city, and why?

If COVID-19 has taught me anything, it’s to be grateful for and appreciate our communities – our home. I live in Berkeley. Pre-COVID, I felt amiss living in a college town well past my undergrad days but cheap rent and convenience kept me here. While many have flocked to the suburbs to escape city life during the pandemic, I have learned to love my neighborhood once more. Berkeley is a walker’s and biker’s paradise, public transit options are endless, you have access to nature in Tilden Park or waterfront views in the Marina, the food scene is exceptional, and there is a thriving art scene to boot. But what I love most about my neighborhood is how we are all working together during these hard times. Berkeley has started a relief fund to help support our local businesses, nonprofits, and residents. It’s hard seeing many of my favorite stores and cafes shut their doors for good, but seeing my community come together to support each other has been an inspiration.


Adams Point, Oakland because of the proximity to Lake Merritt and great restaurants and bars


San Mateo. I may or may not ride the Caltrain for over an hour to pick up a tray of musubis from Takahashi Market, all for myself…also can’t forget a stop to Asian American Curriculum Project, pre-pandemic of course.


I enjoy spending time in the Mission District of SF with all its bars and delicious food scene. Check out the Community Thrift store on Valencia St, where you can find beautiful secondhand clothes, furniture, and everything your heart desires, while shopping more sustainably.


My favorite neighborhood in the Bay usually changes by day and mood, but it is currently a tie between NoPa and the Mission District. Both often have tough reputations, but I would argue that you would be hard-pressed to find better food, livelier music, and friendlier people than in these two neighborhoods. Also, they both have incredible and famous public parks (Alamo Square and Dolores, respectively).


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