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    YNPN activates emerging leaders and helps them acquire the skills and awareness they need to be effective change-makers. With these leaders, we're building a diverse and powerful social sector that can support and strengthen our communities.

    6 reasons to volunteer with YNPNsfba

    1. Make new friends and potentially meet a future work colleague
    2. Build skills through hands-on projects -- learn by doing
    3. Work on your team-building and leadership skills 
    4. Be part of the vast network of 40,000+ young professionals shaking up the nonprofit space
    5. If you stick to your commitment, we'll be sure to give you a recommendation 
    6. You'll be invited to our Volunteer Appreciation party at the end of the year

    Time Commitment is 5-15 hours/month. Monthly committee meetings, quarterly volunteer meetings. Most volunteer work is done independently or collaboratively on your own schedule. You'll always be connected through our online workspace. If you are interested in volunteering with YNPNsfba, please fill out your contact information below. 

    We are currently restructuring our volunteer roles and will give updates when positions need to be filled. Thanks for your support! 

    (YNPNsfba members attend the YNPN National Conference in Chicago - August 2019)

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