The Best Times To Post To Social Media: Introducing the Burrito Principle

As the end of the year draws near and nonprofits large and small start thinking about strategies to break through the clutter and raise big bucks, I wanted to share a simple yet important tip with you YNPNers for ensuring your message is heard.  

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I Faced My Fear Of Speed Networking... And Got A Job Interview!

Speed Networking. Most people have heard of the scary sister event, Speed Dating – well, the YNPNsfba Education Speed Networking event held on June 26th was much more enriching for personal development and making career contacts.

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Job Search Workshop: A Big Thank You!

Based on popular demand, YNPNsfba hosted a Job Search Workshop and it was a huge hit! We had over 30 job seekers attend. The night started out with Kate Blake (@KateBlake_6X), Founder/CEO of The 6X Project, motivating our attendees to get ready for their job search. Kate's interactive and engaging style made for a great discussion among all the attendees. My personal takeaways from Kate's talk were:

-Get off your computer and start networking!
-Grab coffee or lunch with people who work at the organizations where you want to land.
-Be intrigued, ask questions and most of all stay positive!

Moderators share resume tips for folks entering the nonprofit sector.

Up next was Kristin Theiss, HR Senior Associate at Room to Read. Kristin’s talk focused on concrete strategies for the entire job search process, from mental preparation to accepting the job offer! While Kristin provided a great overview of the entire job search process, and shared insider tips, she also went into detail for each of the steps. Breaking down the steps into smaller pieces, Kristin removed the mystery and overwhelming feelings that often accompany a job search.

During both Kate and Kristin's talks, we had several talented resume reviewers working hard in the other room. Providing one-on-one, personalized advice, these reviewers really got at the heart of our attendee’s career goals, helping them shape their resumes for success in the nonprofit field.


Volunteer resume reviewers took a personal look at the resumes of attendees and offered feedback.

Thanks to Kate and Kristin as well as our fabulous resume reviewers, listed below, for all your hard work!

Kristin Theiss ~ HR Senior Associate at Room to Read

Eric Talbert (@) ~ Executive Director, EMERGENCY USA

Julia Whistler ~ Employment Services Associate, Upwardly Global

Lexi Hradisky ~ Recruiter, Scion Staffing

TehShan Lee, PHR (@tehshan) ~ Human Resources Manager, NCC Group

Brandon Espinoza ~ Recruiter, Scion Staffing

Angela Cronin ~ (@AngelaCronin1) Director of Recruitment & Operations, Scion Staffing

Special thanks to the San Francisco LGBT Center for providing us with a beautiful event space and to our amazing volunteers who put these events on year-round!

By Brent Tietjen, @BrentTietjen. He is the Co-Manager of Professional Development for YNPNsfba.   

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Health & Human Services Networking: Review

The Foundation Center’s April 11th Networking Night for local non-profit professionals of Bay Area health and human service organizations was a great success. I was honored to attend on behalf of YNPNsfba, which co-sponsored the event with Oakland-based Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disasters (CARD). The event was informational and lively, and served as a great opportunity to meet other local non-profit professionals who all share a common bond: a dedication to non-profit service and the people, families, and communities their organizations serve.


The event included some great intentional networking exercises led by CARD’s dynamic Executive Director, Âna-Marie Jones, which helped even the newest or most shy members of the Bay Area non-profit community break out of their shells. One of the exercises demonstrated the importance of making personalized connections with others. Ms. Jones suggested that when exchanging business cards with someone, be sure to make a verbal note of something that stands out from their card. That way, when following up with them, a connection will have already been established to help them remember you.

I would like to thank The Foundation Center for inviting YNPNsfba to take part in such a fantastic event, and CARD for co-sponsoring with us. I look forward to attending the next Networking Night and I hope to see more YNPNsfba folks there, too!


Makenna Nelson, @makennacamille.  She is YNPNsfba’s Development Manager. You can reach her at


Image by jairoagua.

2013: A Year In Review (So Far)

YNPNsfba has started 2013 with plenty of energy! Here's a look at what we've done so far and what's to come:

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