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YNPNsfba has been a launchpad for my professional growth since I've entered the nonprofit sector. 

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    Black Lives Matter

    At YNPNsfba, we believe that ALL Black Lives Matter. 

    Countless Black lives have been cut short by a system that devalues and fears Black bodies. We demand justice for the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Riah Milton, Atatiana Jefferson, Aura Rosser, Stephon Clark and much more. 

    We are not the perpetrators, but we are bystanders if we do not act against injustice. 

    “Throughout history it has been the inaction of those who could have acted, the indifference of those who should have known better, the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most, that have made it possible for evil to triumph.” - Martin Luther King, Jr. 

    Before embarking on collective change, we must all work on our personal journey towards racial equity, so that we do not harm those who we work alongside in our communities. 

    As a hub for emerging nonprofit leaders in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are committed to learning from, reflecting with, and acting alongside our neighbors who are most marginalized. That means we, in the nonprofit sector, must learn about racist and harmful internal & external practices, reflect on the implicit and explicit power and race dynamics, and act on meaningful individual, organizational, and systematic changes that go beyond single statements.  

    No longer can we afford to be non-racist. We must strive to be anti-racist to undo centuries of harm. The work will not be quick, nor will it be easy, but it will make us stronger and we invite our members and our colleagues to join us on this journey of learning, reflecting, and acting. 

    In community,
    YNPNsfba Board

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    #YNPN20: Reimagining the Nonprofit Sector : Full Schedule

    Now more than ever, we are tasked with confronting and addressing the ways the nonprofit sector contributes to and perpetuates systemic inequities in the United States. #YNPN20’s conference theme, Reimagining the Nonprofit Sector, calls upon us as young nonprofit leaders to ask ourselves what actions we must take to get the nonprofit sector on the right path. Join YNPN on August 1, 2020 for a day of learning, connection, and contribution.

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    Advisory Board

    Nelson Layag
    LinkedIn | Website

    Nelson Layag is a certified coach, consultant, facilitator and trainer for nonprofit leaders and organizations.  His passion is working with people and organizations who fight for justice in our society and community and is a certified leadership coach through Leadership That Works bringing coaching to individuals but also with teams. 

    He was previously responsible for the design and management of CompassPoint’s public training program and played the lead for the organization’s conference program.  For nearly 24 years, his work not only focused on developing learning programs for CompassPoint but also facilitated training on topics including leadership, performance management, group facilitation, project management, and instructional design.   

    Nelson is one of the founding members of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network - SF Bay Area Chapter and is currently serving as the board president of Filipino Advocates for Justice. We are excited to have him on board as our Advisory Board Member. 

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    18th Annual Party


    Thank you everyone who joined us at YNPNsfba's 18th Annual Party on November 19th at ImpactHub in San Francisco. The night started off with catered dinner by Basil Canteen, wine provided by Safeway, and beer from Ninkasi Brewing. After a few bites, we welcomed familiar faces in the crowd --Brianna Swartz, Tehshan Lee, and Nicole Howell (photo above), some of whom were former YNPNsfba Board Members. 

    thumb_IMG_0080_1024.jpgAs guests arrived, inspiring quotes were displayed throughout the venue. Quotes were taken from our recent survey in which young nonprofiteers told us their number one reason why they chose to work in the nonprofit sector. Some of them were, "I don't want to just focus on maximizing profits" to "[wanting] to make real change in the world." 

    thumb_IMG_0104_1024.jpgthumb_IMG_0139_1024.jpgAfter letting folks settle in and mingle, we had Karla Monterroso, Vice President of Student Programs at Code2040, share her story and give some hard truths about working in the nonprofit sector. But of course, with some difficult words of wisdom, came some positive advice for young professionals in the crowd to carry onto 2016, such as how to develop their personal growth and the importance of "[being] in community with each other." In case you missed out on the party, one of our members, Kate Goyette, told us that Karla's speech was, "one of the most authentic that she's heard in a long time." thumb_IMG_0128_1024.jpg

    To add the the festivities, we gave out several raffle items, including two tickets to Planet Granite, a gift basket of wine & chocolate goodies, two restaurant dining coupons worth $25 each (from Angie Jin), two books (from Ann Lehman), and 15 books (from Tam Pham), which was given out to folks who showed us their Limbo skills.


    Directly following the raffle giveaways, we presented our annual awards to the three community chosen awardees. 


    Programs Professional of the Year
    Jamileh Ebrahimi, Youth Organizing Director
    RYSE Center
    Operations Professional of the Year
    Dawnell Powell, Associate, Career Advancement
    Education Pioneers

    Development Professional of the Year
    Summer Hirtzel, Membership & Development Coordinator
    Yerba Buena Center for the Arts 

    All three recipients received a book donated by Author, Beth Kanter and both Jamileh Ebrahimi and Summer Hirtzel shared a short speech. While Dawnell Powell could not make it, her colleague, Leah Webster, accepted the award on her behalf.  Shortly after, we found ourselves saying goodbye to friends and new acquaintances.

    Thank you for coming and letting us celebrate you, the changemaker, at our 18th Annual Party. Don't forget to check out the photos on our Facebook Page and connect with us on our Linkedin and Twitter

    Lastly, we want to thank all of our volunteers for making the 18th Annual Party a success! 

    Lisa Weintraub
    Moua Lo
    Laura Burkhauser
    Lizzie Timbers Lara 
    Angie Kim
    Autumn Love
    Hannah Levinson
    Erica Ernst
    Nadine Rose
    Brook Sinclair
    Kimberly Perry
    Sara Thompson

    [photos by: Moua Lo, @creativemoua]

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